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Viva Calabria Profile/Application

NAME: Lulu Meira
Intelligent and self-possessed, Lulu’s sharp tongue and stoicism make her seem insensitive, but underneath the hardened exterior she is genuinely caring and kind-hearted. Though she tends to hide her deep compassion for others beneath this stern, and often scathing exterior, she is very protective of her fellow guardians and their charge in spite of her coolness.

As a mentor-figure, can be almost motherly to those who are close to her; respectful of their decisions, but not the sort of person to sugar-coat her opinion or beat around the bush. As an individual, she is well grounded, disciplined, and practical (if you excuse her wardrobe). Her intuition is well-honed, and she doesn’t put up with any nonsense.

While she lacks physical combat skills, and her past failures have at times led her to question herself, she possesses a determination and strength of character which drive her persevere at all cost--and despite her tendency to try and keep herself emotionally detached she is a very loyal ally to anyone fortunate enough to win her trust.

By the time she finally settled down to start a family, her sometimes volatile personality had mellowed quite a bit, though she remained a steady anchor of support to her former comrades in arms and continued to encourage them--and her husband--from the home front while the younger generation spread their wings, enjoying the peace they had fought for and won together.

CALABRIA-VERSE BACKGROUND: Like most of the people she grew up with, she comes from a religious background, but life has taught her better than to accept the beliefs, ideas, and opinions of others without question and has since become both disenchanted, and disenfranchised.

Haunted by past failures, Lulu was once romantically involved with a young man from the house of Vescovo, who later defected to the Monacellos and was killed in the crossfire. His death affected Lulu greatly, and when the family disowned her, she was forced to do whatever she could to survive; which often included espionage, blackmail, and seduction--among other things.

Though she had been courted by numerous clientele on both sides of the mafia, she was hesitant to choose any side without careful consideration. Despite her hesitance to give her heart away again, she eventually gave up her night job for another young Monacello Soldati with big dreams--and with whom she realized that she truly had a family for the first time in a long while.

CURRENT SITUATION: Wife of Soiree Meira, mother of twin boys (Vinny Fate and Abe Chaplin), Lulu has assisted in the management of numerous local imports stores since leaving the escort business. With the recent uprising of insurgent factions, she has also worked behind the scenes with a certain Vescovo consigliore and attorney in an attempt to maintain the tentative truce between the families. She also worries that Soiree will overdo it and end up in the hospital (again), but she trusts him to put his family--their family--first.

RANK: civilian (ex-prostitute)

THIRD PERSON: It was another day in Reggio Calabria. Lulu should have expected no less than troubling news. She'd dealt with things like this before, like when she'd left la famiglia and set up house on the line between the two ruling territories. Boys from both sides had pestered her for protection money, and she'd had to decide whether to quietly pay double, or let it be known that she was none too happy to be beholden to either side. It was nothing new, and in fact, she was not at all surprised, but that didn't leave her any less upset.

For one reason, the trouble-makers in question were a new branch, rising up to take advantage of both Monacello's and Vescovo's dwindling numbers and make a bid of their own. For another, she knew full well that if things were allowed ro go unchecked, it would certainly be the smaller, family owned shops that suffered the most for it--and that it wouldn't be long before things became difficult, or even dangerous for every day people like herself. It certainly didn't help that her emotions were amplified by her growing maternal instincts.

But, she reminded herself, this was just the sort of thing in which her employer was sure to take an interest. So she just managed not to have a melt-down as she walked into the office in spite of her fluctuating moods.
FIRST PERSON: I guess boys will be boys, and the more things change, the more they stay the same. Speaking of boys, mio angelo, you might want to have a talk with your sons? I just caught the twins having a shootout in the living room. and I don’t think the phrase “Die Vesco sonofabitch!” is something we want to hear out of a three-and-a-half-year-old’s mouth. Capisce?

Back-story has been coordinated with gonsai for Soiree, and with Ani for l_giuseppeadama.
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